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In his quest to find the best he sought out Master Ip Ching, son of Grandmaster Ip Man, to be his teacher.After a period of time Master Redmond, started training under Sifu Duncan Leung.Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defense School Westchester New York The Wing Chun Society is a organized group of dedicated to the highest quality of instruction and study involving the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Self Defense and Modern Day Combat Training.

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At age 19, he joined the school and became a student of Sifu Militano.

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The Wing Chun Brotherhood is a product of the training philosophy of Nicholas Gregory, who runs a private training club in NYC.Unlike Karate and most other Kung Fu Styles, which have dozens, or even hundreds of empty hand forms, there are only three empty hand forms in Wing Tsun.There is a student that trained with Sifu for the past five years and now lives in NYC.

Our state of the art training hall is located in the CBD, is mirrored, fully air-conditioned, has wall to wall interlocking jigsaw mats, and is lined with 6 wooden dummies.Connecticut Wing Chun offers night time group martial arts classes for adults.

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Come find out why masters of all styles seek out Sifu Grados for instruction.

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Sifu Chow trained under Ip Man - Leung Sheung - Ng Wah Sum lineage in Hong Kong 1967.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school offering group and private classes in Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Kids Kung Fu.Master Alan Goldberg has 37 years experience in the martial arts and has been inducted in 36 Halls of Fame.

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In 1983, Master Redmond saw an ad for a seminar being in held in Los.

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Here, in this school by an martial arts expert, you will learn not only the important concepts of Kung Fu, and fascinating historical backgrounds, but the basic hand and foot techniques, all to be practiced and exhibited without anyone being harmed.W k f f c NEWS SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL CLASS!.Grados Wing Chun: Street Combat is the culmination of over 25 years of Wing Chun experience.

A life long student of martial arts he trained in several styles before discovering Wing Chun.

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This makes it easy to learn even if it starts off complicated.Wing Chun NYC is a Martial Arts School offering Wing Chun classes in Huntington Station, NY for kids, men and women.

Click on a magazine cover to preview the article or click here for all articles.No Wing Chun School in New York, Kung Fu school or Self-Defense school offers the distinct knowledge and insight into how to make Wing Chun work for the modern real world like our students will learn.Sifu Grados teaches you the direct and efficient techinques of Wing Chun Gung Fu that have worked for him in actual street combat situations.