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The good thing about an easy locking pressure mounted pet gate is that it requires no tools for it to be installed, nor holes drilled into your walls.Pressure mounted pet gates come is all different sizes, styles and colors, from metal and wood to durable plastic these gates are the ideal way to keep your pets safe and secure in the room or area in your house of your choice.

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Tall One-Touch II Wide comes in Autumn Matte or Origami White to to complement your home.The extra-tall pressure fit pet gate is simple to install and can be mounted straight from the box without the need to drill or screw.Pressure Mounted Baby Gates Safety is first and foremost here at Perma Child Safety, and the first line of defense in babyproofing your home is a pressure mounted child safety gate or barrier, to protect your child or pet from hazardous areas.

Pressure mounted gates are used in doorways with no permit mount.

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To install retractable baby gates on banisters, hollow walls, or iron railings, purchase a special.

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The new playroom was off the front entry, and had a large opening that we needed to barricade.Pressure-mounted gates offer quick installation and no marks on your walls, but hardware-mounted gates offer extra strength and security.

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Pressure-Mount Pet Gates Pressure-mounted pet gates do not require hardware or tools.Freestanding for protecting areas of your home with out mounting the pet gate to archways and walls.

The gate fits openings 75-82cm but can be lengthened up to 138cm.It is perfect for use in room openings, hallways, and staircases to restrict pet access.Convenience is the main criteria in looking for the best baby gate for your little one.

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The Munchkin Easy Close XL Safety Gate, made especially for parents seeking added peace of mind and versatility, is perfectly suited for stairways and wide openings.Hardware Mounted Dog Gates Hardware mounted dog gates offer extra stability and strength.

This is an intentional design feature, though, and it ensures a proper, solid tension fit.Two extensions are included to cover spaces up to 38.5 inches wide.A hardware-mounted baby gate with wall anchors that locks solidly and sits flush with the top of the stair is the only safe option for the top of the staircase.

We purchased them on line and received them and immediately put them to use, they were extremely easy to install and the ease of opening is such that we have become accustomed to them like opening a door.

If you prefer pressure mounting rather than freestanding, this gate can accommodate and be installed as a pressure mounted gate as well.In this post, though, we feature five quality extra wide pressure mounted pet gates that are highly rated and will fit in most home decors as well.The vast majority of baby gates on the market are pressure (or tension) mounted.Check out this collection of gates you can buy or DIY that are not absolutely ugly.To begin with, you will find that there are pressure mounted and hardware mount pet gates.Richell One-touch Wide Pressure Mounted Pet Gate Ii Brown 62.8long X 30.5high Richell One-touch. 62.8long 30.5high Pet Richell One-touch Brown X Pressure Ii Gate Wide Mounted Richell One-touch Wide.Made from strong steel material, this gate provides ultimate durability and strength.

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Pressure-mount pet gates are a great solution if you need a gate that is easy to put up and take down frequently.

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